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  1. About student visa in Australia 
  2. AQF level of study in Australia What is student visa? 
  3. What and where can you study? 
  4. English language required for international students 
  5. What benefits can you get from student visa? 
  6. Key criteria for student visa 
  7. Minimum financial requirements for student visa 
  8. What is GTE? 
  9. What is OSHC?
  10. Conditions on student visa
  11. Work rights for students
  12. How to select your study program 
  13. Optional pathway from student visa to permanent residency
  14. Medical examinations
  15. Graduate visa 485 
  16. Guardian visa 590
  17. Examples of total costs and earnings 
  18. FAQ for students 
  19. Useful links 

UPDATE! Please, pay attention, the guide is updated 21/05/2024:

  • updated financial requirements and estimates
  • updated English requirements and list of exams
  • updated information on the conditions for the Graduate visa
  • updated Genuine student conditions
  • updated list of conditions on Student visa

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Yulia Moiseeva's team has prepared an excellent guide for professional immigration to Australia. The guide is very informative; there are also links to other resources for additional information. With the help of this guide, I was able to apply for a visa on my own. Thank you very much for the guide and for answering additional questions!
annie moore
I use guides on professional migration and job search, they are very well structured, there are pictures, so everything is very clear. Special thanks for the useful links in the guides - it saves a lot of time, because you don’t have to go searching through your bookmarks in the browser. Thanks to Yulia and her team for their work and responsiveness!